BRIALDI Dudley transforming bag

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If you like to change looks often, and with them accessories, then the original and unusual Dudley transformer bag from Brialdi is just what you need. Its feature lies in functionality. Namely, from one such nice bag, three completely different things can turn out: a Slim-format business briefcase with two different front finishes; comfortable and roomy shoulder bag; and a folder for documents. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Just look at her magnificent shape, and a stunning combination of natural excellent leather and durable linen. Let’s now see what lies behind this splendor.

The bag is made of two materials — linen and saddle leather. If the bag is used as a briefcase, it will look like this: the inner side of the bag is made of linen and has two compartments, and the outer side is made of calfskin and there is also the same number of compartments.

Dudley is equipped with a convenient removable handle with carabiners, but it is enough to remove it and fold the bag in the opposite direction, and then with a slight movement of the hands, the leather remains inside the bag, and the linen on the outside.

The original state when the finishing of the leather bag on the outside

In this case, there are several external zippered pockets: one large and two medium-sized for the iPad.

On the front of the bag there is one roomy pocket, fastened with a zipper for A4 documents. Behind no less impressive size pocket, which can easily fit a 13-inch laptop.

Upside down when linen trim outside

In this case, we will have access to two large roomy pockets sized for A4 documents and a laptop up to 13 inches in size.

Which bag you choose is up to you. But in any case, you will get a roomy bag with an elegant and stylish design, which will include all the most important and necessary things: a phone, stationery, a pile of documents, a business card holder, a notebook and even a laptop or tablet. And, of course, there is a place for chargers for them.

For tailoring this model, natural high-quality materials are used: only genuine leather. By the way, it belongs to the elite varieties and is considered one of the best. And natural linen wear-resistant fabric with additional processing. As a lining, a dense lining fabric with a protective Silktouch coating is used.

Here is such a functional, unusual and roomy bag with which you can not only emphasize your image, but also add variety to it.


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