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Comfortable, beautiful, elegant men’s business bag, made in a conservative style, will appeal to many connoisseurs of handmade accessories. There is nothing superfluous in it, but at the same time it does not look too simple. Strict laconic design, beautiful high-quality fittings and excellent quality of stunningly beautiful leather…

Today we will talk about business men’s bag BRIALDI Atlanta. It has a strict rectangular shape, neatly rounded top corners that make this model more elegant, and an interesting finish that perfectly complements the overall style of the bag, creating a more original look. So, let’s see what else it can please its owner, and what opportunities it offers.

Inside the bag there are three convenient pockets., and two of them are of open type. This is very important, because you can put a notepad, pens and other useful things there that tend to disappear right before your eyes at the right time.

There is a deep zippered pocket on the outside of the back and on the front of the bag. The front pocket for comfortable use is equipped with an organizer for the phone and stationery. This capacity is actually pleasantly impressive. Indeed, due to its size, it can easily accommodate a laptop or tablet, mobile phone, stationery, notebook, wallet. By the way, to securely store the latter, you can find many other pockets, some of which are zippered. As you know, BRIALDI uses only high-quality fairly durable zippers that are not afraid of loads, and they will not disperse, even if there are just an indecent amount of beautiful banknotes in your wallet.

The bag is made of excellent high-quality genuine leather, and all this magnificence is complemented by bright stylish accessories that look very original, and it is worth noting that over time it does not fade and does not change color.

Among the features of this model, it is worth highlighting the following. She is has a system for attaching to the handle of a luggage bag or suitcasewhich is very convenient when traveling. Also, the bag has a rigid contour, and is protected from below by metal stops.

Style is not a certain amount of money in your wallet, style is an inner flair. If you are looking for the perfect bag for work as well as business trips, check out the BRIALDI Atlanta bag, and nothing will stop you from being stylish on the job.


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