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Do you often have to carry a pile of documents, a laptop and many other things with you? Then pay attention to the Brialdi Caserta bag. A roomy classic style men’s bag is great for everyday use and can be an alternative to a traditional briefcase. So, what is remarkable about this model? Now let’s try to figure it out.

First of all, it is impossible not to mention the stylish business design of this model and its graceful forms, which give it a strict and, without false modesty, a magnificent appearance.

The bag has a main spacious compartment, the dimensions of which can even accommodate a laptop with a screen diagonal of up to 14 inches. There is also a place for a smartphone, charger, stationery, folders with documents. In general, a lot of things actually still fit there, since this implies an incredibly convenient and roomy organizer — both for documents and all these little things. It consists of five pockets: four of them are open and one closes with a reliable zipper, preventing small things from getting lost. The spacious interior is fastened with a zipper.

On both outer sides of the bag there is one large pocket with a zipper. As a rule, such pockets are never superfluous — there will definitely be something to put in them. Moreover, on the front side of the bag, the pocket is located vertically. It is this decision that is the hallmark of this model.

Amazingly soft and pleasant to the touch leather of the highest quality. For more reliable protection, the bag has reinforced side walls that allow the bag to keep the shape of the bag, regardless of the degree of its filling. Additional protection touched the handles and rivets, reinforcing them from the inside of the bag, which makes them especially durable and able to withstand any load (within reason, of course).

Here is such a roomy, comfortable and fairly durable model in which there is nothing superfluous. Even Saint-Exepuri wrote: «Perfection is when you do not subtract or add.» In this case, the Brialdi Caserta bag is just right.


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