Business bag BRIALDI Davenport (Davenport)

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«Elegance has a quiet voice.» It is these words, uttered by the once unforgettable Sophia Loren, that come to mind at the first glance at the Brialdi Davenport business men’s bag. If you prefer a conservative — English — style in everything, we can safely recommend this particular model to you.

Appearance. On the front side of the bag there is a pocket, clearly intended for things that must always be at hand, but they cannot be lost in any way, therefore a zipper is required. One such item is definitely a wallet. On the reverse side of the model there is another open-type pocket for the same little things, which you can’t do without — as you know, little things decide everything. A mobile phone will look organic in this pocket.

The interior of the model. The main compartment, which impresses with its spaciousness, has a zipper and can be proud of such a wide opening angle, which provides an excellent overview of the contents and quick access to it. It has a compartment for a laptop up to 15 inches. There is also a zippered document compartment. A separate business block is equipped with sockets for a mobile phone, business cards and a notebook. It will also fit chargers for your gadgets, wallet, flash drives and many other equally useful and useful things. The design of the bag is perfectly thought out, and thanks to conveniently located and roomy pockets, you can put everything in its place without allowing chaos in the bag.

The bag has a rigid stable shape, which means that it will not lose its appearance even when empty, and will securely store all important documents, preventing them from wrinkling. For sewing the model, genuine heavy-duty leather with a slight sheen is used, which gives it a special chic. This type of leather has another feature — it is increased resistance to abrasion and increased load.

What do we have in the dry residue? If you set out to be elegant, mobile, neat at the same time, and not only to give such an impression, but also to be so in practice, your next goal is clear. This Brialdi Davenport business men’s bag is in your arsenal. Dare!


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