Business bag BRIALDI Lamar (Lamar)

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So, a business trip, a road, the fulfillment of your work duty. You need to take quite a lot of things with you: a mobile phone and a passport, personal hygiene items and stationery, papers, contracts and a lot of everything that a business person needs on the way. The best choice in this case is the Lamar bag from the Brialdi brand. This is a truly portable office that will become your great assistant.

First of all, we must pay tribute to the amazing material from which this bag is manually (!) Made. Genuine leather, combining high practicality and an element of elegance and style. The material is endowed with high moisture and heat resistance, and is also reliable in long journeys. The natural texture of the skin is stylishly combined with metal fasteners and zippers on the bag.

Justifying the title of a portable office, the Brialdi Lamar bag is quite roomy. In its front part there is a wide pocket of size A4, and on the back there is another small pocket for small things. The bag is comfortable to carry in your hand for elastic handles, but tired, you can hang it on the shoulder strap made of leather and woven polyester. It is important to note that all handles and rivets are reinforced from the inside, so you don’t have to worry about something coming off if you load the bag too much.

Will a laptop, a folder with papers, personal documents, a volume of Pushkin and a wallet fit in there? They will come in at the same time. The main compartment of the bag pleases with spaciousness, because the things you need will easily fit here and rest on a fabric lining with a protective Silktouch coating. In addition to this, the inner wall is equipped with the so-called business unit: small pockets for the phone, keys, passport and other things that are best kept close to you.

In general, the Brialdi Lamar bag is really the best travel companion for a businessman. It combines all the necessary qualities: reliability, convenience and style. You can rely on such a bag on the road!


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