Business bag BRIALDI Navara (Navara)

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Beautiful sonorous name and a non-trivial, slightly aggressive look … it’s hard to pass by such a bag. So, before us — Navara from Brialdi leather craftsmen.

Firstwhich catches the eye when looking at «Navara» — its dimensions. He is noticeably larger than his colleagues in the Brialdi business line. Thanks to what it can store in its «bowels» computers with a diagonal up to 15 inches (instead of the usual 12 and 14). The difference, it would seem, is small, but tangible when it comes to portable technology.

Secondwhat distinguishes Navara — original handle design. Made in the form of straps, they give the look originality and individuality. Between them, on the front side, there is a small pocket for a mobile phone or a notebook. There is also a carabiner for attaching a shoulder strap.

The briefcase is made of genuine leather. Thanks to the meticulous selection of raw materials and hand-tailoring, the bag retains its presentable appearance for a long time (manufacturer’s one-year warranty). The color is rich, with a slight glossy sheen. Inside, all compartments are lined with a protective Silktouch fabric lining, soft and at the same time resistant to wear.

Navara consists of three departments: the largest is the central one, plus two external pockets on the front and back walls. All three are closed with reliable metal zippers. Moreover, magnetic buttons at the ends protect the zipper of the central compartment from accidental opening. There is enough space for a neat and meaningful distribution of all things and accessories needed in everyday work. To maintain order, various internal pockets and cells are provided. Despite the impressive capacity, the bag does not seem bulky. And in terms of weight, it is quite consistent with its «tight» appearance.

Having carefully studied Brialdi Navara and summing up all its advantages, we came to the following conclusion: it is a solid model in all aspectswhich can equally well serve as a convenient bag for a laptop and a representative business portfolio.


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