Business bag for documents BRIALDI Parma (Parma)

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A self-respecting entrepreneur (even if his business is still a promising startup) cannot do without a solid business portfolio. Roomy but not bulky. Beautiful, but not tastelessly catchy. Reliable and convenient. Case Parma from the Brialdi brand, this is what it looks like at first glance. Let’s see if this is actually the case.


Appearance: a strict rectangular shape, not devoid of grace due to rounded corners and edges. There are three pockets on the front side: one upper, almost the same width as the dimensions of the bag, and two symmetrical patch pockets. They can be filled with all sorts of little things of varying degrees of usefulness. Another one is sewn into the back wall — so to speak, semi-hidden wearing. It is worth putting away the most valuable things for you here: from a passport and wallet to a love note and a will. The closer to the body, the calmer. All pockets and the main compartment of the case are securely closed with a zipper. The silver color of the locks (and other metal elements) contrasts nicely with genuine leather. The bag is made of genuine branded leather handmade. The material is very soft and pleasant to the touch, which does not affect its durability and ability to maintain a presentable appearance. Still, the manufacturer gives a one-year warranty for a reason.


Now let’s look inside. The portfolio consists of one very voluminous compartment. Here you can comfortably settle down laptopsize up to 14 inches. And in addition to it — a tablet computer, a couple of books, a pack of documents or A4 folders. Plus a couple of chargers, a «mouse» and similar little things. In other words, everything used in everyday work or the set of things that will come in handy on a short business trip.


In addition, the compartment is equipped with several auxiliary pockets: for a mobile phone, keys, writing utensils and notepads. The laptop is covered by a fabric partition with a fastener in the form of an elastic band. That way, everything lies in its place, securely fixed, without dangling or creating a mess.


Separately, we note that Parma is lined with soft material from the inside, and the bottom and walls are reinforced with an elastic frame. This protects the contents of the case from physical impact and contributes to its stability (no need to be afraid that it will turn over and fall, for example, from a table or chair). The briefcase is equipped with two comfortable handles. Carabiners for attaching a shoulder strap are provided for extended wear.


What is in the «dry residue»? A cute and functional bag made with love and professionalism. A stylish accessory that causes legitimate respect for its owner. Brialdi Parma clearly signals: its owner has a taste and knows a lot about quality things.


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