Document folder BRIALDI Campania (Campania)

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A document folder is perhaps one of the most important attributes of any modern business person. She can say a lot about the status of her owner and his impeccable taste, so you should take her choice seriously.

Meet BRIALDI’s Campania folder, the perfect solution for business meetings and negotiations. It is incredibly comfortable both in terms of wearing and in terms of roominess. Its solid appearance will satisfy the taste of even the most sophisticated person. And now let’s see what it still has so unusual that other folders do not have.

This model is fully fastened with a reinforced plastic zipper and has an opening angle of up to 180 degrees, which provides a good overview and easy access to the contents of the folder. The folder is extraordinarily beautiful; strict elegant design, clear contours, comfortable carrying handle — all this predisposes to falling in love with this model at first sight. And now let’s open and look into her «inner world».

Inside the folder on the right side is a clip for A4 files and documents, thanks to which they will remain in place in any stressful situation. On the left there are several pockets: a large one for documents, a pocket for business cards and credit cards, the next one is for the phone. Another pocket with a transparent window, which closes with a zipper, is perfect for especially important documents, such as a passport or driver’s license. In the center are two loops for pens. If necessary, a small laptop or tablet with a diagonal of up to 13 inches can be placed in the folder.

All elements of the folder have additional reinforcement from the inside. A leather hand strap is provided for carrying the folder.

As you can see, the BRIALDI Campania folder is very convenient and functional, with it your documents will be safe and sound, and you will always look like a confident person. Why, you ask — because a stylish thing can say a lot about you without any words.


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