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A business person always needs to look brand new. This expression includes not only an expensive suit and a professional haircut. As they say, the devil is in the details, and every element of your appearance should be presentable and elegant: from watches and cufflinks to the folder in which you carry documents. Speaking of the folder, one of the best options is BRIALDI Link, made in a classic style.

The conservative, clear and elegant BRIALDI Link folder immediately speaks of its owner as a businesslike, reliable person. Made by hand, it pleasantly surprises with the quality of the material and details. You want to run your hand over the leather of the highest quality Great Nappa embossing, because its unique patterns cannot leave indifferent any sophisticated lover of quality accessories. Along with visual appeal, the material is resistant to temperature and moisture, as well as hardy enough to guarantee you a long service life of your accessory.

The 12” diagonal folder is perfect for carrying your tablet and papers, while the elegant thin zipper can be trusted with documents of any importance. The inside of the folder is lined with a premium fabric lining that will protect your items from scratches and scuffs. Also, the folder itself is equipped with a zippered pocket for storing small items: your smartphone or cigarette case will fit perfectly there.

Finally, one cannot fail to note the special love of BRIALDI for the spirit of craftsmanship. The products released by this brand are handmade, which is the main plus in the pro column. Masters who know their business and have many years of experience invest maximum skill and attention, producing their next masterpiece.

The BRIALDI Link folder is the choice of those who like to provide themselves not only with the necessary comfort, but also with a style corresponding to their own status. This is a reliable keeper of your personal belongings and an assistant in business.


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