Folder-tablet BRIALDI Abruzzo (Abruzzo)

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Stylish accessories should be in the arsenal of every business man, especially if they are multifunctional and with their external data are able to emphasize the status of their owner. It’s about the BRIALDI Abruzzo folder-tablet. Despite its modest size, this accessory impresses with its spaciousness. It will easily include not only A4 documents, but also a tablet computer or laptop with a screen diagonal of up to 12 inches, which is very impressive in such a compact size. The folder looks simply chic thanks to its strict, graceful forms, smooth curves and excellent fittings that make it incredibly chic and add even more elegance.

And now let’s see what is hidden inside this miniature and elegant accessory:

There is the aforementioned compartment for a tablet, on both inner sides of this stylish men’s accessory there are pockets with a rigid frame for documents, thanks to which they will not wrinkle, and you can not worry about them. The folder is equipped with side folds, which allows it to open wide, and there is also an external pocket on the back of the tablet folder, for example, for a driver’s license and other personal documents. Despite the fact that the folder has a compact size, there is enough space for a wallet, and for keys, and for a flash drive, and even fit a few magazines that will allow you to get a little distracted from the business routine.

The folder is made of genuine high-quality saddle leather. It not only looks beautiful, but also gives it a special original style. The inside of the folder is finished with a fabric lining with a reliable Silktouch protective coating, which makes it more durable. All seams are perfectly evenly stitched, and everything looks elegant and dignified.

There is such a principle — to look 100%, you need to dress like you are a millionaire, and this is far from the amount of money that you have at the moment. The elegant BRIALDI Abruzzo flatbed will help you achieve this effect, complementing your business image and making your work with documents more comfortable.


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